The SEC strives to cultivate a workplace culture that values diversity, encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness, and allows all employees to contribute to their full potential. The SEC pursues a comprehensive strategy for building and maintaining a diverse workforce and fostering an inclusive workplace, key components of which are highlighted below.

This position is located in OIA’s Regulatory Policy and Supervisory Cooperation Group (RPSC). RPSC cooperates with the SEC’s regulatory counterparts and engages with market participants in the US and abroad to prevent or address regulatory gaps, overlaps and conflicts with other jurisdictions. RPSC also facilitates and participates in bilateral and multilateral international policy discussions to promote the adoption of regulatory standards and policies consistent with the Commission’s regulatory framework and to strengthen regulatory infrastructure in global financial markets. RPSC leads strategy development for the Commission’s international engagement and works closely with staff across the Commission in shaping policy positions for international meetings and deliverables developed by international bodies.

Typical Duties Include:

  • Provide expert legal analysis, advice, and guidance on international regulatory policy matters involving federal securities regulations.
  • Participate in and contribute to international organizations’ workstreams, including those related to the Commission’s participation in the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).
  • Conduct research on regulatory policy developments in foreign jurisdictions and analyze the impact of those developments for the SEC.
  • Draft briefing and analytical memoranda for the Chairman, Commissioners and senior staff regarding developments in cross-border financial markets, standard setting projects, and policy work conducted in international bodies.
  • Attend and participate in meetings and conferences where cross-border regulatory issues are discussed and agency positions developed.
  • Provide regular verbal briefings to SEC senior leadership regarding foreign regulatory developments.

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