2021 Tulsa Economic Empowerment Day

2021 Tulsa Economic Empowerment Day


On June 1, 2021. NASP participated in the 100th commemoration of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre in Tulsa, OK. Economic Empowerment Day was developed as a way to remember the 1921 massacre while looking forward to the future of black economic justice. More than 500 people attended the sessions on June 1st in person, and more than 1300 watched the proceedings online. The day was divided into three tracks that highlighted the different areas of black economic experience:

The institutional black Wall Street track focused on diversity in the financial services industry. Sessions were held on policy and regulation in financial services, asset allocators and diversity as well as empowering minority-owned firms today via corporate and educational partnerships.
The second track of Economic Empowerment Day focused on entrepreneurship and featured female venture capital leaders, as well as others focused on growing and creating minority-owned businesses.

The third track featured access to capital and the building of Black wealth via personal investing, homeownership, and overall financial literacy.

Our message of economic justice and empowerment was also covered favorably in the media. You can take a look at some of the day’s coverage via the links below:

If you missed the Economic Empowerment Day then you definitely want to check out the online link here: https://tulsa2021eed.vfairs.com/. You’ll be able to catch the entire conference until September 1st.

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