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The Annual Financial Services Conference

The NASP Conference brings together more than 600 financial services professionals from across various sectors to learn about the latest concepts, trends, and solutions to pressing community issues. It takes place across 3 days with specific tracks for professional development, African infrastructure, investments, institutional finance and municipal investing.

  • The NASP Annual Financial Services Conference is one of the industry’s most respected and influential educational forums. The conference attracts both fiduciaries and investment professionals – from city, state, and national elected official’s government professionals and pension fund trustees to investment managers, securities sales and trading professionals and investment bankers.
  • NASP’s African Emerging Markets Summit (AEMS) brings together participants from many sub-Saharan African nations, including government, corporate, and community stakeholders.
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  • Audience Demographics: Financial services and allied professionals at all career levels and age cohorts. Sponsors include some of the world’s top financial services firms and corporations.
  • Reach: 500-700 attendees annually

Consultant & Manager Retreat

The NASP Consultant Retreat offers a unique setting for minority-owned asset management firms and consultants to network and build potential business relationships. The event includes a half-day of one-on-one sessions between asset management firms and consultants, as well as panels that discuss industry trends and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The Legislative Symposium

As part of the organization’s advocacy initiatives, NASP hosts a Legislative Symposium with key financial oversight representatives and decision-makers from congressional committees, federal and regulatory agencies and quasi-public private sector entities.

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The retreat aims to increase access to institutional investment consulting firms for our members, enabling more research meetings and providing opportunities for consultants to learn about diverse investment managers and their products.

Through networking, dialogue, and exposure, asset managers and consultants can strengthen their client base and share best practices in areas such as pitching to consultants and marketing firms. The event concludes with virtual small group meetings for consultants and managers.

  • Audience Demographics:  High-level representatives from consultant firms, as well as representatives from minority and women owned firms seeking to develop business opportunities with consultants.
  • Reach: 75-100 Attendees Annually