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The Women's Forum

The NASP Women’s Forum – conceived, planned and hosted by accomplished women – centered the ideas and perspectives of ethnic minority women in financial services. This event transcends traditional discussions, as we emphasize the integral role of inclusion in the industry’s success. We place a spotlight on the valuable contributions and perspectives of women as key players and as the driving force of talent within the financial services sector. By showcasing talent that has been historically undervalued or underrepresented, the forum aims to not only advance women but to also build alliances across the industry. It’s a celebration of diversity and a testament to the belief that true excellence in the financial sector arises when everyone’s talents are recognized, embraced and nurtured.

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  • Audience Demographics: Women at all levels within financial services, including students and retirees. 
  • Reach: 100 – 150 Attendees Annually. 

NASP held its 4th Annual Women’s Forum on March 12-13, 2024, at Wellington Management in Boston, MA.

This year’s Women’s Forum was focused on Leading with Purpose, covering topics including empowering women globally through strategic and sustainable investments, prioritizing personal wealth to create generational wealth, and women at the top. Panelists shared their journeys, personal backgrounds, words of wisdom, and key insights in these intimate conversations.

With over 120 professionals in attendance, connections were forged, expertise was shared, and attendees left with a reinvigorated sense of community – inspired to continue uplifting fellow women in the industry.

Thank you to all of our supporters, attendees, and panelists for your contributions in time, energy, and effort.

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