NASP has partnered with Matchplicity, the invite-only platform that gives YOU power in the job market by prioritizing your professional and lifestyle needs and matching you to appropriate roles based on those considerations. All powered by AI!

Join the growing NASP community on Matchplicity, where members exchange career advice, engage in networking opportunities, and secure career transforming roles.

Your opportunity awaits! Explore complimentary resources to elevate your career to new heights:

  • Community Connection: Immerse yourself in a network where you belong, with professional groups that resonate with your unique goals and aspirations.
  • AI Powered Guidance with Mitch: Let Mitch, our AI Workforce Guide, be your personal career advisor, providing insights from exploring career paths to interview preparation.
  • Unlimited Career Growth Opportunities: Dive into resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities through our professional groups that nurture and support your career trajectory.
  • Tailored Matches for You: Connect with the right professional communities and the right opportunities that cater specifically to your needs and preferences, ensuring your career flourishes.
  • Dynamic Networking Avenues: Expand your horizons and professional network, gaining invaluable access to industry experts, mentors, and peers who can elevate your career journey.

Functions & Features

  • Take control: Choose the criteria and needs you have for an employer and be matched only with those that fit the description. 
  • Chat live with recruiters: The system includes a messaging feature that allows you to connect with interested employees in real-time.
  • Your data is secure: NASP will not sell or use your data in any personally identifiable way.
  • Discreet job hunting: Only show your résumé to companies of your choosing! To support your privacy, you will be allowed to hide your profile from companies that you do not wish to be matched with.