SEC’s Small Business Capital Business Formation Advisory Committee

The Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking candidates for appointment to the Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee to provide advice and recommendations on Commission rules, regulations, and policy matters relating to small businesses, including smaller public companies.

The Committee was established by the SEC Small Business Advocate Act of 2016. Committee members represent a diverse spectrum of leaders, investors, and advisors who work with early stage private companies and smaller public companies, including minority- and women-owned small businesses.

“The Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee and its members are key to ensuring a wide array of perspectives are represented in SEC policymaking,” said SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. “I look forward to working with the members of the Committee to continue to uphold the SEC’s mandate to facilitate capital formation for companies of all sizes, while ensuring investors are adequately protected.”

The Committee advises and consults with the Commission on rules, regulations, and policies as they relate to:

  • Capital raising by emerging, privately held small businesses and publicly traded companies with less than $250 million in public market capitalization;
  • Trading in the securities of emerging companies and smaller public companies; and
  • Public reporting and corporate governance requirements of emerging companies and smaller public companies.

Members of the public interested in serving on the Committee should promptly email a letter of interest with applicable information about their relevant experience. To be considered timely, submissions must be received by February 17, 2023. Relevant experience may include: (i) representing emerging companies engaging in private and limited securities offerings or considering an initial public offering (IPO), professional advisors of such companies, and investors in such companies; (ii) service as an officer or director of minority-owned small businesses or women-owned small businesses; (iii) representing smaller public companies, the professional advisors of such companies, and the pre-IPO and post-IPO investors in such companies; and (iv) representing participants in the marketplace for the securities of emerging companies and smaller public companies.