NASP Organizational Update: NASP President & CEO, Ronald C. Parker, announces his retirement

Dear Members of the National Association of Securities Professionals and Strategic Partners:

Today, I am writing to inform you of a significant decision I have made regarding my professional journey. After much contemplation and reflection, I have decided to retire from my position as President and CEO of the National Association of Securities Professionals (NASP) at the end of this year.

It has been an incredible honor and privilege to serve as the leader of this esteemed organization. Throughout my brief tenure, NASP has been at the forefront of advocating for and advancing the business value of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the financial services sector. I am immensely grateful for your unwavering support and engagement in our mission.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you, starting with Past Chairs, Guy Logan and Donna Sims-Wilson along with NASP current Chair and Chair – elect, Richard Turnley, III and Erik Hall as well as the NASP Board for your active participation in the various programs and initiatives we have implemented throughout the years. Your commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive financial services industry has been instrumental in driving meaningful change and progress.

I would also like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the NASP Board of Directors for their guidance, wisdom, and dedication in steering the organization towards success, especially during the COVID years. Their continued support has been invaluable in shaping the direction and impact of NASP.

Furthermore, I extend my deepest gratitude to the newly formed NASP Advisory Council, strategic partners, and the entire NASP staff as well as the external legal and accounting teams of Lewis & Munday and Baker, Finley, White and our events planning team at The Baker Group for their unwavering support, collaborative efforts, and hard work, ensuring that the operational processes are in good standing and our programs were relevant and impactful. Their contributions have been instrumental in the achievements we have realized as an organization.

As I transition into retirement, rest assured that the NASP Board is already engaged in orchestrating a seamless succession plan. Over the next several weeks, your NASP Chairs will communicate the approach and process to name a successor, ensuring a seamless transition of leadership. NASP’s commitment to board representation, business diversity, and fostering a supportive environment will be at the forefront of this important decision.

I, along with the NASP Board kindly request your patience and support during this transition period. NASP remains steadfast to serving its members, partnering with its supporters in promoting excellence and inclusivity within the securities profession and advocating economic empowerment within diverse communities.

Finally, I want to acknowledge that my decision to retire would not have been possible without the support and understanding of my family. Their unwavering support throughout my career has been a pillar of strength and motivation.

Thank you once again for your unwavering dedication to NASP and the financial services sector. I truly look forward to working with each of you in my new retired capacity in driving the vision and mission of the National Association of Securities Professionals.

Wishing you all, continued success and the very best in your future endeavors.


Ronald C. Parker
President & CEO
National Association of Securities Professionals